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As business owners ourselves, we know the POWER of video for getting more customers & sales.

However, we also know that businesses often do not realise just how easy it is to do video marketing these days.

The Vid Biz Team is obsessed with making videos accessible to business.

Back in 2012 we started making our own business videos  -  no not those slick corporate style videos - but short, real & authentic videos about us, our Team and our projects.

And it didn't take long for feedback start coming in from customers & leads.

People LOVE seeing, hearing about our business before contacting us.

And from our point of view, our sales process was short circuited BIG TIME.

Our videos created the  "trust factor"  almost instantly  -  ESPECIALLY compared to our competitors!

Because they weren't using video.

Vid Biz  are passionate about business and video marketing. 

We LOVE to see Business Use Video Marketing Often & Consistently

Business & Video  - really is  a match made in heaven.

As all businesses have stories - about the owner, the Team, their products and services.

So let's tell your business story.

Vid Biz are Partners in Your Biz Success

Our goal is to work with you to create your own business videos – easily, simply & powerfully.

Hi, I'm Allison and I have been involved in our family construction  business for over 15 years.

However it was during the lean years of the GFC , which hit the construction industry really hard, when I discovered the power of video.

During this time, I realized that to survive, let alone grow the business, would require a whole new skill set  - MARKETING SKILLS.

So this is when I started taking sales & marketing courses to lead us in the right direction.

We needed to increase our marketing efforts, but it had to be cost effective, with quick results and it had to be easy!!

And did I say easy ? - as I am definitely no techie.

You may think this a rather tall order however I found video marketing was all of this and more. 


I very quickly discovered there has never been a better time to market your business using videos than right NOW.

The good news is that technology has made it  far easier & more affordable than ever before.

If a picture tells 100 words, then a video can communicate thousands in a very short space of time.

As small business owners, we all have so much content about our business  that is perfect to use & share on video.

Here at Vid Biz, we are a very proud team focusing on our partnership with business to provide videos as your most powerful business communication tool. 

We Want To Help Unleash Your Business Story with Video!

It doesn't matter about the size of your business.

Using video means you CAN take on the big corporate boys.

Why should your small business struggle when your products and services are just as good (probably better!) than the big players or your competitors.

Video marketing does not need to be expensive –  and for once it is not about who has the largest marketing budget.


Because these days customers have short attention spans -  quick & simple videos work best.

We small guys are stepping up with affordable videos all about our businesses -  AND with video we can rival the big guys.

Video works its butt off on  Google  search, YouTube, Social Media  AND don't forget off-line - in fact EVERYWHERE.

However to take full advantage of the power of video - Small Biz MUST create their videos often & consistently.

To show just how passionate Vid Biz Marketing is about giving your business the power to grow with video  - SEE OUR OFFER BELOW

If you’d like to work with  Vid Biz,  we'll  be excited to work with you,

Kind Regards,

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