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We thought it would be helpful for other businesses to know the products and services that we use here at Your Small Biz Video.

Do you ever look at a website and ask yourself, “Hey, how did they do that?”

Well, wonder no more because this page reveals all the resources we use to power this site.

So we created this resource page.

In the spirit of small biz sharing,  these are the online services we feel help keep control of our websites & business.

Best Theme for WordPress

Thrive Themes - the BEST EVER!

Thrive Themes is what is currently running on this website -  this is the  Square Template.

We have tried many many themes over the years - some free and some paid.

However since discovering Thrive Themes we would never look at another WordPress theme again!

Thrive Themes are just simply and absolutely AWESOME.

Can you tell how much we love Thrive Themes and their Team?

And their customer support is second to none.

Our biz would not be at the stage it is without using Thrive Themes and all their goodies.

Thrive Themes is the framework used by some of the web’s most popular business bloggers: Darren Rowse of and Chris Brogan of and Gael Breton of are just a few of Thrive Theme global fans.

Check Out Thrive Themes HERE

Website Hosting

Traffic Planet Hosting

WE have tried all the usual hosting plans: Hostgator, GoDaddy, BlueHost etc however as a website gets more traffic we found much to our horror that shared hosting can't handle it.

Don't believe the sales page jargon about unlimited bandwidth -  we found the cheap shared servers just cannot handle traffic load  and your precious webpage can take over a minute to load - IF AT ALL!

If you are serious about your business website then you need FAST, secure hosting.

Traffic Planet Hosting has powerful servers which are especially optimized and ensure the best WordPress performance.

We switched to Traffic Planet Hosting - this is a truly affordable but extremely professional website hosting that takes your business website to the next level.

Traffic Planet offers fast WordPress hosting at a reasonable price and with 100% free website migration service.

Great value for money and you can be up and running under 24 hours.

Take a look at Traffic Planet HERE 


Customer Email Newsletters


This is the World's Easiest Email Marketing company.

As a biz owner it is important to keep in contact with your customers.

There are all different avenues from text messaging, old fashioned printing and  EMAIL.

Because  EVERYONE has an email address !

And your Biz should be capturing your customers emails and keeping in touch with them.

We think Get Response does a great job of making that really easy.

Getresponse is an affordable and powerful email marketing solution that is also very friendly.

Get Response is the email marketing software we use to distribute our “Video Tips” newsletter (you can see the sign up form in the sidebar to the right).

GetResponse has a 30 day Free Trial

Try GetResponse Here


Quoting/Proposal Software


THIS IS THE  quoting software that you will LOVE.

I know a big claim  but QuoteRoller makes your proposals look simply awesome.

 So many businesses can not keep track of their quotes -  and emails are NOT a good system!

However, easy to use & affordable  quoting tools for small biz are not easy to find.

QuoteRoller is not only low cost and easy to use but also powerful software.

QuoteRoller streamlines your quote building process and your proposals look super professional and  clean. 

There are many ways to build a proposal, but few are as convenient as Quote Roller!

Free Trial HERE


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

OnePage CRM

Most CRMs DO NOT cater for small biz - they are just far too complicated and fussy.

However there is - OnePage CRM  -  which is a Beautiful User Experience for us small biz!

Working from a single dashboard makes accessing customer contact details very simple.

And let's face it - You NEED to have a system to keep track of your clients & customers, your follow up phone calls & sales process. Post it notes just don't cut it any more!

And of course there is also a mobile app so you can access all this information on the go and from anywhere.

Free Trial HERE


Small Biz Accounting


Free Trial HERE


Field Service Software - Great for Trades

Service M8

Service M8 is a powerful site that manages and controls a service business' jobs from the first call, organising the job and all the way to invoicing & getting payments.

This is the invaluable field software we use for running our construction business.

All information is stored in one location in the cloud - allowing access from anywhere.

And of course as with all our recommendations - AFFORDABLE for all business sizes.

Naturally there is a 30 day Free Trial.

Free Trial HERE


Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the products listed and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed. Regards Ally from Your Small Biz Video.

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